Nitro V High Carbon Stainless Steel Western-Style Chef Knife with Stabilized Blue Box Elder Burl, Black Canvas Micarta Liners, Carabao Horn Scabbard Pin, Mother of Pearl Inlay, and Titanium Pins

USD 2800



Blade: Nitro V (62 HRc) 

Handle: Stabilized Blue Box Elder Burl with Black Burlap Micarta Liners and Black Lip Mother of Pearl Inlay 

Grind: High Zero-Ground Double bevel. 

Balance: An inch in front of the handle

Total Weight: 434g
Knife Weight: 224g

After coming home to Manila after my two-month workshop, I seized the opportunity to create another knife, based on the design I made for His Majesty, but this time without the constraints of the materials that I had brought with me to Bhutan.

For the blade, I forged some Nitro V high carbon stainless steel, which I heat-treated, froze, and tempered, to make the blade very durable.

You can see from the images that I left some forged scales along the spine of the blade as evidence that this blade was forged, as well as to add character to the surface of the knife. I finished the blade with a satin finish to contrast well with the forged scales.

This knife features a full tang that tapers along the length of the handle to reduce weight. You can see it is exposed along its upper and lower surface.

For the handle, I decided to use stabilized blue box elder burl which I personally liked because of its impressionist painting-like pattern. I laminated this wood with liners made of black canvas micarta.

 Black canvas micarta was interesting because it's essentially a stack of coffee sacks bonded together to create this subtle but sophisticated pattern on the liner which separates the steel from the wood.

I sandwiched these together to make the handle, then I added some mother of pearl inlay on each side as well as a domed titanium pin which contrasts with the flat placement of the inlays on the wood. I really liked how the mother of pearl discs look like iridescent moons on the handle's surface.

I crafted the scabbard with the same combination of stabilized blue box elder burl and black canvas micarta which I sculpted together to the shape of the blade. I sealed the layers together with aluminum pins along the beveled edge.

For the scabbard pin, unlike the deer antler I used in the previous knife, I opted to use local carabao horn which had this really interesting black color disrupted by a few streaks of grey.