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FEATR: Why these Custom Knives are so Expensive (But so Worth it)


Eatingtools: Meet the Maker — Sean Alonzo

“Creating works of functional art at his studio in Metro Manila, Philippines, bladesmith and artist Sean Alonzo named his knifemaking endeavor Balete Blades for the Filipino balete tree, the streets throughout Manila named for the species, and the street in Iligan where he began his professional career. With both Chinese and Filipino heritage, Sean’s love of knives, and knifemaking, began in college where he earned a degree in Industrial Design...”

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Damasteel AB: Balete Blades - Sean Alonzo and His Process


Damasteel AB: Balete Blades - Sean Alonzo and His Process


The Class Clown Podcast with Chino Liao: Knifeology with Sean Alonzo of Balete Blades

“Chino is joined by professional knifemaker and artisan Sean Alonzo of Balete Blades. Sean is a renowned maker of artisanal chef's knives and he talks to Chino about how he got into the business, how he goes about his design process, and the difficulties in starting his knife-making journey. They also discuss the different intricacies of knife-making including the design process, picking the right materials, and a dream project that is years in the making.“



Pinoy Blade Hunter: Custom Knife Maker Sean Alonzo of Balete Blades

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