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My story began 10 years ago.

As an industrial design student in the Philippines, where a fascination for blending form with function took hold. A multi-disciplinary path led me through metal sculpting and carpentry until 2017, when Balete Blades was born. Initially specializing in rugged bushcraft and combat knives, I was drawn to the call of culinary excellence - where artistic design meets everyday utility. My journey in knife-making has been one of continuous experimentation and growth.

What sets Balete Blades apart is precision and artistry.

Inspired by the enigmatic Balete tree — a symbol deeply rooted in Philippine folklore — Balete Blades isn't just a knife-making studio. It's where storied mystery meets modern design to forge luxury chef knives that are as functional as they are enchanting.

When I conceptualize a blade, I never start from scratch.

Chef knives are filled with styles and blueprints made from constructive boundaries. These aren't limitations but springboards for creativity that grant me the freedom to experiment with new materials and compositions. Whether you're browsing through our in-house collection or looking for a custom piece, know that each blade is a chapter in an ongoing story — one of relentless experimentation and refined craftsmanship.

If you're interested in wielding one of my knives, feel free to reach out. Your ideas and enthusiasm fuel my craft, pushing me ever closer to the perfect blend of art and function.


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Most of my knives are custom-made to order. To order a custom knife, you may purchase a reservation slot accessible through my studio updates sent through my newsletter and my Instragram broadcast channel.

If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.