Lightweight Folding Knife made Portable and Pocketable with MagnaCut Steel

Polished/Belt-Finish CPM MagnaCut Steel Blade
Black Lip Mother of Pearl Fittings
Ivory G10 Handle Base
Brushed Zirconium/Titanium Hardware

Recently, my curiosity has led me down the path of folding knives, exploring the intricate challenge of crafting knives with moving parts. In my latest experiments, I've ventured into creating pieces that diverge significantly from my earlier work, which featured heavier handles and visible locking mechanisms. These past weeks have been marked by a pivot towards designing something distinctly lightweight, streamlined, and eminently portable. Armed with some CPM MagnaCut Steel from a previous project, I dove into this new project, eager to push the boundaries of what a folding knife can be.

Beginning with its meticulously crafted handle, the Ani knife introduces a sophisticated blend of brushed Zirconium/Titanium for its pivot and pocket clip, thoughtfully engineered to sit between two sculpted Ivory G10 composite bases. These bases are designed for a natural, comfortable fit in the palm, with the Zirconium/Titanium spacer intricately integrated to slim down the handle and lighten the overall weight. The Ivory G10, polished to a shiny finish, is accented with Black Tip Mother of Pearl inlays, chosen for their intense iridescence, especially prominent near the edges where the light dance is most captivating. A unique Zirconium/Titanium pivot, adorned with a Black Tip Mother of Pearl collar, unites the handle pieces, crowned by a matching pocket clip for a cohesive finish.

The polished/belt-finished blade, forged from CPM MagnaCut steel, represents a combination  of durability and versatility, ensuring long-lasting sharpness with minimal upkeep. Its design allows for a seamless integration into the handle, concealing the cutting edge when folded. Complementing this, a polished Black Tip Mother of Pearl thumb stud near the pivot enhances both the knife's aesthetic and its practicality, facilitating easy opening.

The Ani knife emerges as a fusion of elegance and functionality, a portable companion for the outdoors, seamlessly blending a lightweight, durable handle with a blade of unparalleled hardness. Whether it's accompanying you to a picnic or gracing a friend's kitchen you’re visiting for dinner, every element of its design is crafted to enhance and enrich your experience, embodying both beauty and utility in every detail.